Barcelona, 26 de julio de 1983

Collective exhibition - Palaucasavells, Casavells (Girona)

Collective exhibition - Museum Tamayo contemporary art, DC ( Mexico Federal City)
Collective exhibition - Espai Volart 2, (Vila Casas Foundation)

Solo exhibition - Fondation academy of arts Sabadell
Winner - Biennial Art of Sabadell Prize
Collective exhibition - Pintura Joven Ibercaja Prize, Ibercaja Foundation
Collaboration with Pepa Poch in creating new art spaces.

SIGGRAPH 2014 Prize - Vancouver, with Mixperceptions (Art collective)
Special Prize - High Level Technical Degree in Applied Mural Art, Graduated with honours with the project Absences
Exhibition - Felicia Fuster Gallery
Collective exhibition - Espai Volart 2, (Vila Casas Foundation), Ynglada i Guillot Prize
Exhibition – Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, with Mixperceptions.
Winner – Grant Felicia Fuster Foundation

Collective exhibition - Circulo Artístico Sant Lluc, Güell Foundation Grant, Barcelona
Collective exhibition - Fad Barcelona
Collective exhibition - Espai Volart 2 (Vila Casas Foundation), Ynglada i Guillot Prize
Collective exhibition - Espai La Mosca22, Palau Sator
Collective exhibition - Espai 7, Manresa Museum, Climent Muncunill Prize

Collective exhibition, Liceo de Barcelona

3D Designer, Avinyó Films Productions and 3DTechomegazeta, 2014-present
MA in 3D Design: Visual Effects and Post-production, 2013-2014
Workshop with sculptor Antoni Marqués, 2012-2013
Student painter with Isidre Manils, 2011-2013
CFGS appled arts to the Wall, Escola Massana, 2011-2013
Topography Chief, FCC, 2006-2011
Topography Engineering, UPC
Studies at the Lyceé Français de Barcelone